Staff Directory

Bredernitz, Wagner & Co., P.C. is built on a proud tradition of services, technical expertise, and innovative thinking. Our staff's experience and academic credentials give our clients the depth of knowledge you'll find in a larger firm, while our dedication to superior customer service offers the personal, one-on-one approach smaller firms are known for.

We hope you'll take a few minutes to get acquainted with our staff by email or contacting us at 517-546-2130:



Raymond H. Cooper, Jr., CPA, CFP
ext 229

Greg Gregory D. Clum, CPA
ext 225



Mary T. Cole, CPA
ext 223

Professional Staff:


Peter Hutchens, CPA
ext 237

Julie Julie A. McColl
ext 244
Don Donald D. Stojanowski
ext 226
Tanner Tanner M. Olstrom, CPA | ext 239

Client Accounting:

Sany L Sandra L. Reed
ext 235
Jeanette Jeanette M. Martin
ext 234
Toni Toni M. Sinke
ext 233

Sany W Sandra G. Wood
ext 231
Renee Renee Smith
ext 232
Kimberly Kimberly Miller
ext 230


Office Services:

Kimberly C Kimberly A. Cook
ext 222
Larissa Larissa Kennell
ext 221

Project Marketing Coordinator:

Janice Janice Raucci
ext 243